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Read on to discover a formula for your apartment listing that will help you sell it quicker and for more money

”I sell and rent apartments in Helsinki and there is no better way to make your listing stand out. It works!”

Ivan Alexandrović

3 facts you need to know to successfully list your property

Buyers spend 60% of time looking at images. This makes visuals the most important part of your listing.

On average a professional lead photo generates 61% more listing views than a non-professional one

Quality photos sell the property 32% faster & for 1000s of € more (as you’re less likely to need to lower prices )

*Source: research by the Wall Street Journal and real estate media 

We will now tell you exactly what to include in your listing to attract buyers. If you want us to take care of the visuals for you, then note that we’ve packaged this into a unique deal that is unbeatable in Uusimaa.
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4 types of images that attract property buyers 
(and which most sellers fail to include!)

There are only 4 types of visuals you need on your listing to get buyers to book an appointment. Surprisingly, very few are aware of this. If you don’t believe us, go to Oikotie or a similar service and see for yourself!

#1 Eye-catching lead photo

  • The most important photo with a crucial goal: to encourage the buyer to click on your listing
  • Needs to be a bright, high-quality shot of your most attractive space
  • A great opportunity as many sellers use low-quality photos of the wrong space here

#2 Attractive shots of the property

  • The goal: keep the buyers interested once they’ve clicked on the listing
  • 7-15 shots (depends on size) that need to highlight the strengths of your apartment
  • Should also include 1-3 photos that capture the exterior in an attractive way

#3 Aerial shots of the neighbourhood

  • Anyone looking for an apartment wants to know what the neighbourhood looks like
  • Good aerial shots can disarm doubts and create an appetite for your location
  • Attractive features like parks or playgrounds should be captured and the apartment marked with a pin

#4 Easily understandable floor plan 

  • Floor plans look complex and many buyers struggle to visualise their dream living space this way
  • Few sellers know that for a minor investment they can easily have a 3D floor plan
  • 3D floor plans make it super easy to imagine the space which prompts buyers to book a viewing

How we can help you
(with the best real estate photo package in Uusimaa!)

Most images used on platforms such as Oikotie are either not good enough to attract attention or don’t tick at least 2 of the other boxes. That’s because it’s difficult to find a professional, comprehensive and affordable photography service. We’ve decided to change this by creating a price-friendly package that contains everything you need to attract buyers and sell your property.

Your package will include:

  • A fantastic lead photo of your most attractive space to stand out in the listing
  • 7-15 bright, perfectly executed photos of the interior and exterior that highlight that strengths of your property
  • 2-3 drone shots of the neighbourhood showcasing its best features with a pin showing your location
  • A 3D floor plan that makes it easier for clients to visualise their new home

Price: €169 (VAT included)

Free bonuses to boost your property sales!

Work with us and also collect:

  • Benefit #1: Best practice advice on how to structure your listings to maximise interest in your property (which photos we recommend you include in the listing and in what order)
  • Benefit #2: A ready-made reel with your visuals to post on your socials and find buyers in your network
  • Benefit 3#: A print-ready brochure of your apartment to share with potential customers (we can also print them for you for a minor fee)

The effect you can expect

If your listing follows these best practices, then more people will: click on it, understand what makes your apartment attractive and book viewings with you, which means more opportunities to sell. And all of this translates into two final benefits:

#1: You will sell your appartment much quicker

#2: You won’t ever need to lower the price to attract buyers

Fantastic package. Highly recommended. I sold my apartment in 1h after I used the visuals!

Apartment seller/ Owner at Company

Fantastic package. Highly recommended. I sold my apartment in 1h after I used the visuals!

Apartment seller/ Owner at Company

Fantastic package. Highly recommended. I sold my apartment in 1h after I used the visuals!

Apartment seller/ Owner at Company

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