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Goal: showcase professionalism & personality

Consistent, professional headshots of your team communicate an important message: “We care about details”. They can also project your desired image, be it formal, casual, or something in-between. This compilation from various projects features business consultants, lawyers, and corporate managers, all of whom asked us to highlight aspects of their business personality that they particularly valued.

Goal: capture identity

Our project with this producer of honey-based remedies, involved photographing their modern facilities alongside elements that reflected the business’s family heritage. The aim was to attract their customer base by capturing their unique blend of cutting-edge practices and traditional values.

Goal: highlight appeal

If you run a foreign language school for children and teens, you will want to show parents that their loved ones are taken care of by young, dedicated teachers in a pleasant, stress-free environment. This was the role of these visuals, which will now be used on the school’s website and social media.

Goal: boost online presence

This beauty parlour needed custom images that would enable them to move away from generic stock photos and emphasize the business’s artistic elegance and high-end services, like expert eyelash treatments. The aim was to translate an already existing perception of the business offline into visuals for use in online marketing.

Goal: support product image

Our client, a social media agency serving a beverage brand, needed images that associate the drink with winter warmth and pub socials, appealing particularly to a young demographic. The focus was on creating a cozy, friendly ambiance around the beverage, to be used later for various marketing purposes.

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