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Goal: capture brightness

We had the pleasure of photographing this stunning villa in Degerby for an Airbnb host. Our main objective was to highlight its natural brightness, a feature that draws visitors and encourages bookings.

Goal: highlight coziness

Do these photos tempt you to take a few days off, immerse yourself in nature, and unwind in a cozy, rustic villa by the fireplace? That’s precisely the ambiance we aimed to capture when photographing this inviting retreat in Saunamäki.

Goal: showcase space

Showcasing the spaciousness of an appartment can make all the difference when attracting potential customers browsing listings. We did this for this condo for long-term rent in central Helsinki.

Goal: exhibit brightness & scenic beauty

The owner of this villa, listed on and Airbnb, sought a balanced set of visuals that equally showcase the bright, inviting interiors and the breathtaking surroundings. Using a drone’s aerial view was the perfect way to emphasize the area’s beauty to potential visitors.

Goal: capture stunning exterior

And speaking of drones, they allowed us to highlight the standout features of this gem: the expansive size of the villa, its green surroundings, and a unique swimming pool for guests — a rarity in this part of Finland.

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